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 The Boeing 777-300ER PAX is perfect for (P2F) conversion

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The B777 provides cargo operators around the world an efficient, long-range, and high-capacity freighter.


By providing more capacity than any other twin engine freighter, the B777 brings a new level of efficiency to long-haul markets.

Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) - 775,000 lb

Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) - 572,000 lb

Max Design Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) - 543,000 lb

Operating Empty Weight (OEW) - 323,000 lb

Max Gross Payload - 220,000 lb

Total Volume - 28,739 ft³

Max Packing Density - 7.7 lbs/ft³

Maximum Range at Max Payload - 4,800 NM

Maximum Fuel Capacity - 47,890 US Gal

Side by Side 96" x 125" (Standard)

(28) 96x125x118 contoured pallets or containers
(4)   96x125x116 contoured pallets or containers
(1)   96x125x96   contoured pallets or containers

'Conversions have different options available'

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